Artificial Intelligence

The simulation of human intelligence & behaviors in machines to mimic actions like decision making and prediction.

Understand each person’s cognitive profile, add different behaviors according to stimulae, subject to a constant learning process.

Our algorithms establish a base to enable communication, predicting people’s behavior and influence with personalized communicative stimulus.


Turnkey Blockchain Solution Development.

Accelerate the deployment of your custom blockchain, hyper ledger, mint your token and launch our wallet.

Rapid adoption of cryptographic technology, distributed ledgers, smart contracts, exchanges, wallets and digital asset tokenization.


Lexington’s BlockChain technology & APIs are build on OST & AWS. Custom built cloud functions in Lamba, Beanstalk, Kubernetes etc. AWS Accredited Partner Network member – our knowledge & experience offers our clients innovative solution across industries like healthcare, education, medtech and start-ups.

Digital Automation

Digital marketing workflow automation.
Personalized Customer Journey Experiences.
Clear Understanding of Customer Segments. Data-Driven Approach to Improve Your Customer Journey.

Business Networking

Crafting a strategy and building referrals and introduction across industries for growth opportunities. We build your distribution channels for products export to countries like China, Australia and New Zealand.


Mobile app development is complex and costly. Our approach is to define your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) strategy and use our Development Stack to create a solution that will drive memberships, service delivery, conversions to leads and sales.

Business Intelligence

Money Ball approach to growing through analytics – understanding & using data to improve all aspects of your business.
​Google analytics, Excel into Power BI. Data migration to a database with customized real-time dashboard metrics and notifications.

Growth Hacking

We design & create growth strategies to increase your business awareness, foot traffic, sales & revenue and partnership relations.

Market Expansion

Understanding your pain points, visual ideation, recommending solutions and implementing business improvement strategies.

We will help you develop your,
Business Plan & Strategy
Value Propositions
Analytical Modelling
Pitch Deck.