Unlocking Global AI Innovations

Proprietary, Global Network

Access to over 1,200 AI startups, spanning 50 countries.

Startups today represent the driving force in the AI economy, having overtaken the tech giants.

Operations/Marketing Expertise

200+ partner relationships, including dozens solving business problems in demand management, supply chain optimization, predictive maintenance, and sales activation, among others.

Industry Experience

Use predictive analytics, ML and computer vision technologies to gain actionable insights into consumer purchasing behaviors, product placement/assortment, and store-level performance.

AI Powered Solutions

Transformative opportunity to respond to business challenges and drive profitablity and growth.

Applied AI technologies: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Deep
Learning, Autonomy Solutions, RPA, Intelligent IoT, and Virtual Agents

Proof of Concept (POC)

Rapid AI & ML adoption through Lexington’s 12 week POC program integrating matching technology to your business & industry. .