Strategic Alliance for Veteran Integration (SAVI)

“Getting Veterans The Benefits They Deserve”



SAVI is a national (US) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing knowledge and resources to military Veterans transitioning into civilian life and to the organizations that support them.

Founded in 2017 by a passionate military Veteran who has been through it all, SAVI believes in taking a whole-person approach to this transition.

SAVI focuses on the unique needs of the transitioning service-member. With a 360-degree understanding of these needs, we strive to make true for each Veteran the words in our tagline: Your whole life transition starts here.

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Premier Partner

Lexington is a SAVI premier partner.

We support SAVI by volunteering and giving back through the SAVI partner program.

In addition, our President sits on the SAVI Board and advises several committees, including Technology, Employment & Education.